Nassau Physical Therapy has been serving Nassau County since 1989 and is the only Physical Therapist, locally owned and operated outpatient private practice in Nassau County. The primary area of service is orthopedics.

Nassau Physical Therapy’s professional staff members all belong to the American Physical Therapy Association. They are qualified to provide a physical therapy diagnosis and intervention for and/or prevention of physical impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function, health and wellness.

Nassau Physical Therapy Owner Jim Marino PT and his staff work with their clients by utilizing comprehensive assessments and evidenced based treatments consisting of a variety of hands-on skills, active-treatment techniques, and personalized therapeutic movements and exercise. Education and self-responsibility are emphasized throughout the treatment process and are a must in order to obtain maximal potential.

“Our goal is to get our patients back to work, school, athletic, recreational, household, family, and community activities, ultimately enhancing their potential for proper movement patterns, good posture, health, and fitness that become an important part of their lifestyle,” states Marino.

Nassau Physical Therapy Mission Statement

To Promote a Higher Level of Individual and Community Health, Wellness and Quality of Life. Support Statement To return our patients to family/household activities, work, school, recreation, athletics and community, ultimately enhancing their potential for proper movement patterns and good posture, enabling health, fitness and wellness to become an important part of their lifestyle.

NPT Staff Mission Statement

Promote an environment of creativity, exploring, sharing and empowerment for all employees to work as a team for the growth and development of our selves, family, community, Nassau Physical Therapy, and the profession of physical therapy.

Vision Statement

Nassau Physical Therapy will produce and provide the benchmark standards for Private Practice Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy.