“When I began PT I was unable to do many activities (biking, running, climbing stairs). Thanks to the combined efforts of each of the Physical Therapist I am now capable of doing all of the activities I was previously unable to do. I had a great experience with everyone at NPT!”. -L.V.  

“Left Shoulder Surgery. Out of work for six months , Dr. Aaron Bates was impressed with recovery while doing PT. Came back to work approximately one month earlier. -R.C.  

Due to a shoulder injury, I’ve been coming here for a couple months. I absolutely love the staff, everyone is so caring. After only a couple of months of therapy, they have me up and doing yard work ( what I enjoy) at 80 years old again. I’m so grateful for the staff at Nassau Physical Therapy. – TS

Nassau Physical Therapy sets a caring and professional atmosphere. Jim Marino sets the example and everyone who works there follows  it. I was treated with a friendly patient attitude and pushed at the same time to work at my recovery and improve. All the employees scan the room (like a good kindergarten teacher!) and respond to you, whether you are their patient that day or not. Every week they made PT fun and I am thankful to have what I feel is the best PT provider right here in Fernandina Beach. – AD

I was referred to NPT by my doctor to determine if physical therapy could ease the discomfort I was experiencing in my back, hips and shoulders caused by intermediate osteoarthritis and aggravated by a bursa on my left hip. I could not sleep on my left side without it waking me up. First, the NPT people are super nice to deal with, have a good sense of humor, are very capable and do not believe in no pain-no gain.  They worked with me with a series of strengthening and stretching exercises which have made me much more comfortable. After about a week, I could sleep on my left side. When the program was finished, I had much more flexibility and now I rarely take pain medication which was not the case before. I continue exercises at home, working out about an hour every othe rday. After about two weeks the improvements are still there, so I am confident they are here to stay. – PC

I can’t say enough good things about NPT. Extremely knowledgable, professional, no wasted time. Everything is fully explained. I have done much PT in Virginia and so I know a good staff. NPT is the best. Home program is doable and makes sense. Workouts are challenging but not impossible to do. I had 6 sessions for my ankle and saw 95% improvement. GREAT RESULTS!-A